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No Regrets

Title: No Regrets
Pairing: JongKey
Rating: NC-17
Genre: PWP, Slight angst
Word count: 1124
Warnings: Cheaters never win
Summary: Jonghyun didn’t regret what he did on stage that afternoon; he didn’t regret a thing.
A/N: Inspired by JongKey’s hug on 130314 M!Countdown. This is my new favorite thing.

Jonghyun didn’t regret what he did on stage that afternoon. He knew that he shouldn’t have done it, but when the adrenaline and joy from their win coursed through him, all he could do was wrap his arms around the one he loved the most. From where he lay with his palm rested on Key’s neck, thumb lightly stroking his cheek, eyes transfixed on his swollen red lips; he didn’t regret a thing.

“You shouldn’t have done that, you know.”

“Done what?” Jonghyun questioned coyly.

Key sighed, “You know what you did Jonghyun.”

“I knowww, but it was fun. It’s really not that big of a deal Kibum-ah.”

“‘Not that big of a deal’. Yeah, tell that to my angry boyfriend.”

“If he got that upset over it you should dump him.”

“You would like that wouldn’t you?” Key said as he clasped his hand over Jonghyun’s and brought it down into the valley between them, leaving their fingers intertwined.

“I’m just saying if he gets so angry over such a little thing -”

“He has a point.”

“Tell him it was fanservice. It’s not like - It’s not like I undressed you onstage,” Jonghyun laughed.

“I already told him - Hey! it’s not funny! He started texting me even before the show was over, you know he watches everything we’re on.”

“I may or may not have known that.”

“He was really upset. He said...”

“Go on, I’d love to hear this.”

“The way you hugged me was very possessive. It was like you were trying to taunt him through the TV or something.”

Jonghyun sighed, “He’s so dramatic. I wasn’t - ”

“I think he knows that we still...”

“We still...?” Jonghyun knew what Key meant but wanted to hear him say it.

“That we still do things that we shouldn’t be doing!”

“Like that thing that we just did?” Jonghyun smirked and watched as a red flush blossomed over Key’s cheeks.

“You could have at least not kissed my neck...”

“That wasn’t on the broadcast.”

“It was in pictures!”

“But Kibum-ah,” Jonghyun whispered, closing the space between them and burying his face under Key’s chin, “I love your neck.”


“Mm?” Jonghyun hummed, teeth nipping a purpling mark he had made just minutes before.

“I - nevermind.”

Jonghyun chuckled lowly and coaxed Key onto his back for the second time in one evening, intending to take his time this go-around. They only had about five hours until their flight to Bangkok, but he figured somewhere in the back of his mind that they could catch up on their sleep on the plane. Right now, this moment was far more important.

Jonghyun molded his hands to Key’s waist, tangled them in his hair, and pressed them deep into the lowest part of his stomach. He kissed him earnestly and pulled all the moves that he knew would make the younger whimper and squirm and completely pliant in his hands. All the moves that he knew would make him forget about anyone else but him - especially whatshisname.

A familiar jolt of electricity ran down Jonghyun’s spine as he stroked Key’s cock to life. Nothing turned him on more than this; watching how the younger spread his legs for him and arched his back as he pressed kisses to the shaft and enveloped the head between his lips. They locked eyes when Key’s stomach tensed and he propped himself up on one elbow, knotting his free hand in the elder’s hair. Jonghyun could have sucked him off forever had he kept looking at him like that, trapping his bottom lip tightly between his teeth and concentrating on the up and down movement of Jonghyun’s head.

Knowing he was approaching his end, Key pulled Jonghyun up and kissed him with everything he had; everything he should have been giving to someone else.

“Let me,” he whispered, pushing Jonghyun onto his back and straddling his hips.

Jonghyun let Key take his hand and watched as the younger lubed a couple of his fingers and guided them into himself one by one. He didn’t need as much prep this time as he was still stretched and relaxed from their earlier session, so he moved quickly, taking full control.

Key’s chin fell to his chest as he sank down onto Jonghyun’s erection, taking him in completely. To Jonghyun, his low whimper sounded like music, a melody that only he could make the younger sing.

Key balanced his hands on Jonghyun’s chest and rode him slowly, his rhythm practiced and familiar. His neck stretched out long and he let his head fall back as he gradually increased his pace. If Jonghyun could have, he would have attached his lips to the younger’s Adam’s apple and licked up the beautiful sheen of sweat settling there. But Key held him in place, focused on his measured bounce.

Jonghyun felt himself creeping toward the edge, the muscles in his stomach rippling and tensing. He grabbed both of Key’s hands and laced their fingers together, letting them sink into the pillow on either side of his head. Key leaned in and kissed him and their mingled breath mixed with the sweet taste of Key’s lips and tongue sent him toppling over.

Key rode out his orgasm for him but slowed as Jonghyun untangled their fingers in favor of taking hold of Key’s hip and wrapping his palm around his cock. He stroked and massaged and pulled the younger’s climax out of him, relishing the way Key clenched around his prick still nestled inside his body.

Silence settled in the room as Key caught his breath with his head tucked into Jonghyun’s shoulder, then rolled off to his side of the bed. Jonghyun missed his warmth, but peeled himself out of the condom and used a discarded t-shirt to clean Key’s come off of his chest.


“Mm,” Key hummed from where he lay on his back, staring at the ceiling.

“What’s wrong? What are you thinking?”

He turned his head to look at Jonghyun and smiled faintly, “Nothing, I’m just tired.”

Key was a good liar, but Jonghyun could always tell. He clasped the younger’s wrist and pressed a kiss to his pulse, “Don’t lie to me.”

“I just - I should feel bad about this.”

“I don’t think you have to feel bad about anything.”

“I -"

“Let’s just go to sleep, Kibum,” Jonghyun cut him off with his words and one last kiss to his lips.

Key nodded and rolled over on his side, falling asleep just minutes later. As Jonghyun looked at him lying in his bed, his smooth back silhouetted against the moonlight, he thought that maybe he had one thing - just one thing to regret.

A/N: Because how could I not? (Sorry for the angst though :/) You guys have no idea how hard I squeed when I saw that hug in the winning video. Then when I saw the pics of the neck smelling and/or kissing business... I just can’t lol. It’s too much. ;~;

This can also be seen as sort of a sequel to/continuation of the No Expectations verse if you want (or not). Just in which Jonghyun's (and maybe Key's) feelings have started to change.

Thank you forever and ever for reading. <33
Tags: !fic, pairing: jonghyun/key, rating: nc-17
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