hautekeyture (hautekeyture) wrote,


Title: Wet
Pairing: JongKey
Rating: R
Genre: Gen
Word count: 186
Warnings: None
Summary: Steam fills the room, and he can't breathe.

Piping hot water rains over Key’s neck and shoulders in a syncopated rhythm, pounding to the floor in sheets. A thick cloak of steam folds around him and flows up, over, and through the open door of the shower stall, filling the room.

He’s not alone.

He’s being watched.

Key trails his palms up and down his chest and abdomen, swirling soap bubbles in intricate patterns along the way. His right hand travels down to his cock and -

Jonghyun sits on the marbled countertop and lets his head loll back onto the mirror. Water droplets drip from his hair down to his temples and the bridge of his nose. He draws in a breath thick with steam and the heady fragrance of Key’s body wash. Though his eyes flutter in pleasure, they never leave Key’s form, as rivulets of water swirl down his spine.

Key puts on a show for him.

He likes being watched.

Touching is unnecessary. Key glances over to his voyeur and their eyes connect, breaking the invisible barrier between them. Jonghyun strokes himself ardently until -

Then Key beckons him in.


A/N: Experimenting, (and trying a little hard, but) this was fun! I got really good mileage out of my dictionary/thesaurus app. lol Requires some suspension of disbelief if you know anything about typical Korean bathrooms. Don’t mind me. :]
Tags: !drabble, pairing: jonghyun/key, rating: r
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