hautekeyture (hautekeyture) wrote,

No Expectations

Title: No Expectations
Pairing: JongKey
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Friendship
Word count: 2511
Warnings: None
Summary: Their friendship goes beyond benefits.

Jonghyun sat on a firm leather bench in a friend’s family cafe’, guitar tucked securely under his right arm. He had been playing it not five minutes ago, but more pressing matters distracted him, so he pulled out his phone to check the time and text his best friend.

What r u doin 2nite?

It took a minute before Key responded, but when he did, it said, Idk, nothing yet, I have practice til 11 tho.

Awesome, Jonghyun thought, seeing his opportunity and deciding to pursue it, Cool. U want 2 watch a movie?

Key replied much faster this time, By ‘watch a movie’ do u mean . . .?

Jonghyun chuckled softly to his phone, code words were unnecessary with Key, Duh.

Sure. I’ll b home in an hour or so, he replied a second later. This was not a new arrangement between them, after all.

A tiny rush of adrenaline spread throughout Jonghyun’s chest at the confirmation and he packed up his guitar, threw on his jacket and thanked his friend as he left. The gilded windchime above the doorjamb tinkled as it opened and shut with his exit, a cool breeze chilling those still left inside. Jonghyun pulled his hood over his head to protect himself from the light drizzle as he walked down the sidewalk and through a dark alley to his car.

Once seated in the driver’s seat, he pulled out his phone again to text Key a quick, Raining, b safe gettin home babe.

Rme, was Key’s only reply, and Jonghyun had to smile. The younger hated it when he used pet names.

Not ten minutes later, Jonghyun stepped through the dorm’s threshold, toeing his shoes off in the entryway. “Taemin! Taemin-ah!” he called as a test, trying to see if anyone else was home. The youngest of their group had been there when he left, but from the looks of it, as Jonghyun peered into the different rooms of their apartment, he was gone now.

Jonghyun was a little disappointed that he couldn’t have the pleasure of kicking him out.

Peeking at his watch, he found that there was still little less than an hour before Key was supposed to get home, providing they actually ended on time. Bored and impatient, Jonghyun flopped on the couch and spent a few minutes looking up parodies of Minho’s latest photoshoot for his current drama, and a few minutes after that looking up fancams of himself performing his latest, semi-controversial solo stage. He had to admit, the chicken breast diet was definitely working in his favor. He somehow got lost in a whole board dedicated to puppies, and before he knew it, an hour and a half had passed with no sign of Key.

Kibuuuuum, Jonghyun whined over Kakao Talk, When r u getting homeeee?? T__T


I’m on my way, came Key’s successive replies. Jonghyun could tell that he was annoyed with him, but didn’t really care.

Fifteen minutes later and Key trudged through the front door, tired, but happy to be home.

“I’m back, you can stop blowing up my phone now.”

Jonghyun discarded his phone and hopped off the couch, meeting him in the doorway with a smile and a hug.

“Get off of me,” Key whined, trying to simultaneously take off his jacket and wiggle out of Jonghyun’s embrace.

“I missed you.”

“Yeah, seems like it. You’re so impatient I’m surprised you’re not naked already.”

Jonghyun just laughed and leaned in for a kiss, demonstrating how impatient he truly felt, but Key wasn’t having it. He held up a hand to block the unwanted affection, “I need a drink.”

Jonghyun didn’t drink nearly as often or as much as Key, but agreed anyway. Some of their best sessions had been preceded by shot or two (or three or four) of soju (alternatively, so had some of their worst, but none of that mattered now.)

One, two, three shots of strawberry soju over small talk on the couch, and Key found himself a little buzzed, with his lips on Jonghyun’s neck, and both hands under the elder’s t-shirt, warming his palms on his muscled abdomen.

“And you were calling me eager...”

“Don’t mock me, Jjong,” Key said, pressing his kisses into Jonghyun’s jaw and up to his lips, “I’ve had a really long day. I needed this.”

“I know you did,” Jonghyun whispered between them as he pulled Key into his lap, “I always know what you need.”

He trailed his hands over the skin of Key’s back and sides, tugging the younger’s shirt up and over his head. The more clothes came off, the more aggressive Key became - rocking his pelvis against Jonghyun’s, twisting his fingers in the back of his hair and pulling it tight. And Jonghyun matched him, delving his tongue into Key’s mouth and tasting every inch of him, their lips locked in a familiar give and take.

“When was the last time we did this?” Jonghyun asked softly between kisses, hands rubbing up and down Key’s jean-clad thighs.

“Had sex?” Key asked in return, “Like a week ago? I think?”

“No, I meant on the couch,” Jonghyun responded with a chuckle.

“Oh. I don’t know,” Key took a beat to think, and breathe, “It’s been a while. Who cares? Take off your pants.”

In lieu of taking off his own pants, Jonghyun reached down and unbuttoned Key’s, then dipped his palm inside to knead him over his underwear.

“God, that feels good,” Key breathed, back straightened and head bowed forward, with both hands clutching the back of the couch on either side of Jonghyun’s head.



“It’s always better when someone else does it.”

“Mhm,” Key hummed, eyes closed in concentration.

“Speaking of someone else,” Jonghyun purred, “Have you hooked up with that guy you’ve been seeing yet?”

“Um,” Key thought, very much distracted, “Not yet. Soon though.”

“Good, I hope you do,” Jonghyun chuckled against Key’s collarbone, kissing and nipping it in time with the massage of his palm, “You don’t quite have an appreciation for how good I fuck you.”

Key opened his eyes a crack to glare down at Jonghyun, “You’re way cockier than you should be, to tell you the truth.”

“Oh really?” Jonghyun said, as he slipped his fingers inside Key’s boxer-briefs this time, stroking him carefully.

Key drew in a long breath and let it out slowly against Jonghyun’s lips, “Yes, really.”

Jonghyun had much too much confidence in his abilities to take the comment to heart, especially with the way Key’s reactions to his touch contradicted his words, but decided to play along anyway.

“I guess I’m going to have to work on my technique then.”

Key pressed in an inch to kiss Jonghyun once again, “Yeah, you can work on it w-with whoever the hell you’ve been - sneaking around with.”

“We haven’t hooked up yet though.”

“Yeah well - mmm -” Key moaned softly as Jonghyun cupped his balls, then slid his middle finger up to tease his asshole, “You should get on that ASAP, you could use the - ugh - the extra practice.”

“Screw you, Kibum,” Jonghyun laughed lowly.

“Well if you would take off your pants, we could get to that part.”

“You do it, my hands are full.”

Key’s fingers fumbled over the buttons in Jonghyun’s fly in his haste, their position made more awkward considering Jonghyun’s hands still situated in Key’s pants, stroking his cock a little faster than before.

“That’s - fuck - that’s all I can do with you sitting down, get up.”

“Do you want to top, or should I?”

“Go ahead, I’m tired.”

“You always want me to do all the work,” Jonghyun said playfully, taking hold of Key’s hips with both hands and shifting to lay him down on the couch.

“At least I can take it like a man instead of whining like a little bitch.”

“...What the fuck?”

“Just kidding,” Key chuckled, pulling Jonghyun down for a brief kiss, “C’mon.”

Jonghyun disregarded Key’s snark and pulled off both of their pants and underwear with urgency.

“Where did you put the lube?” Jonghyun asked, remembering an essential component to this exercise.

“I don’t know, don’t you have your own?”


“Why not?”

“Because I have yours.”

Key rolled his eyes, “Go look in my bag. Hurry up.”

“What would it be doing in there?”

Key huffed, “Mind your own busin- ”

“You said you guys- “

Key couldn’t look Jonghyun in the eye at this point, “We haven’t, can you just go look please?”

Key’s obvious embarrassment both amused and turned Jonghyun on as he stared at the younger, flustered and red beneath him, “Okay.”

Jonghyun left and returned in just a few minutes, coming back to straddle Key on the couch. He buried his head in the crook of the younger’s neck, and pushed two lubricated fingers inside him one-by-one.


“Is that good?” Jonghyun whispered, “You want another one?”

“Mhm. Ah

Jonghyun’s chuckle vibrated against Key’s throat as he pushed a third into his warmth.

“Did you bring a condom?”

“No,” Jonghyun said, his voice a bit muffled.

“We have to start using them again. For real.”

“Why?” Jonghyun asked, coming up for air and to nibble at Key’s bottom lip.

“Because we’ve finally got someone other than each other to have sex with again.”

“True. Next time?” Jonghyun asked against Key’s lips, dipping down for a heated kiss.

“Yeah, next time.”


“What?” Key asked, out of breath and slightly annoyed.

“Does that mean we have to stop- “

“Of course not,” Key answered quickly, then took a moment to think again, “Well, maybe. We’ll see.”

“Okay good,” Jonghyun said, with a hint of nervous laughter in his voice.

Key hummed his own laugh at Jonghyun’s relieved response and threaded his fingers in the elder’s hair once more for a sweeter kiss. In turn, Jonghyun slipped his fingers out of Key and molded his palm against the younger’s side, sinking his fingertips into the softness. And Key’s legs automatically wrapped themselves around Jonghyun’s waist when he trailed his hand down to massage Key’s muscled hip and thigh.

These motions and movements were so familiar to them that their bodies needed only work on autopilot. Sheer muscle memory and intimate knowledge of the way they fit together drove Jonghyun’s slow thrust into Key, and the way Key let his thighs fall to the side to accept him.

Love permeated every touch, every kiss, but it wasn’t romantic. It showed itself as a product of the deep friendship that they shared. Above all, they felt safe together, without a sense of insecurity or uncertainty, no expectations beyond the here and now, no misplaced affections. They knew that through highs and lows, they would always have the other as a friend and confidant, and that was a good feeling.


Jonghyun shifted to give himself more leverage within the confines of the couch, and sped up his patterned rhythm. He pushed Key’s thigh to his chest, spreading him out and giving his back a nice, long, stretch.

“Ah, shit.”

“How close?” Jonghyun asked, though the tension in Key’s jaw told him everything he needed to know.

“Very,” Key whispered, his eyes shut tight.

Jonghyun found himself getting there as well, and leaned down for the umpteenth time to connect their lips, swiftly and steadily rocking back and forth into Key’s body. Pinpricks stung Jonghyun’s lower back as Key sunk his nails into it when he came, groaning and flexing his spine beneath the elder. Jonghyun fucked him through it, as Key contracted around him, the younger’s climax, as usual, the last impetus for his own orgasm, which ripped through him not a minute later.

Jonghyun collapsed on Key’s chest and stayed there to catch his breath, his face once again buried in the crook of Key’s neck. Even though they were sweaty and sticky and gross, Key let him lie in place as long as he needed, threading soothing fingers through his chestnut-brown hair.

A few minutes passed and Jonghyun’s deep breathing turned slow and even.



“Are you asleep?”



“... No. Almost.”

“You can’t,” Key said, shaking him a little, “Come on, get up.”

“Why not?” Jonghyun whined sleepily, drawing out the last word, “We used to do this all the time. Rub my back too.”

Key sighed, “I know but...”

“But what?” Jonghyun finally lifted his head to look at Key, his eyes bleary and his hair adorably disheveled.

“Nothing.” Key said, with a smile at the corner of his lips. He reached up to tame Jonghyun’s hair with his fingers, “I mean... I don’t know, it’s weird.”

“You really like him, don’t you?” Jonghyun had always been able to easily read Key, whether he liked it, or not.

Key smiled and let his hand drop from Jonghyun’s hair, staring downward in his embarrassment, “Yeah, I do.”

Jonghyun smiled too, even wider than Key, and kissed him on the cheek, “I’m glad.”

Key rolled his eyes half-heartedly.

“I mean that, Kibum, I’m really happy for you.”

“Thanks,” Key mumbled, and fixed a few strands of his own hair. “Come on, we really do have to get up. I don’t know when everyone else is going to get home.”

“Yeah, and this couch is disgusting.”

“It’s your fault.”

“How? It’s your jizz, not mine.”

“Not yet. Once you get off of me, it’ll be yours too.”

“That’s gross, Kibum.”

Key shrugged, “It’s the truth.”

Jonghyun peeled himself off of the couch and Key, slipped his underwear back on, and crossed the short distance to the kitchen in search of something to clean them up. When he returned, he found Key rubbing his lower back in pain.

“I think you bent my leg back too far, it hurts.”

Jonghyun smirked and licked his lips, a twisted sense of pride filling him. Key noticed the smirk and glared.

“Let’s hop in the shower. I’ll massage it for you.”

Key pondered the suggestion for a moment, “That’s a good idea. I think I will... by myself.”

“Come on, I need one too!”

“You can wait,” Key said, as he put his underwear back on and gathered up the rest of his clothes.

He wobbled a little as he rose to his feet, and Jonghyun caught his elbow to balance him, “Still a little buzzed?”

“A little. Mostly just sore though.”

“Are you sure you don’t need my help in the shower?”

Key smiled, “Yeah, I’m good.”

Jonghyun watched Key’s back as he walked to the bathroom, then remembered, “Kibum, wait.”


“When do you want to watch another movie?” Jonghyun’s sly smirk was as sexy as ever.

Key’s rich chuckle sounded through the hallway, “Text me in a week, hyung. And you bring the popcorn next time.”

A/N: Hey guys, I’m not dead. I just didn’t allow myself to write (or read ;___;) because of reasons and just recently realized that I needed to write to help myself “straighten up and fly right”, so to speak. Anyway, I promise I can write and weave actual stories instead of just smut all the time lmao /embarrassed. Daegu fic is coming soon (I hope), for those of you who are waiting for it. ‘Kay, long-winded as ever, bai. <333

Fun facts: Inspired by something I heard on the radio, and just so happened to be started on my puppy’s birthday. ^^
Tags: !fic, pairing: jonghyun/key, rating: nc-17
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